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Inclusive Travel Expert

In 2011, Shaline started Traveling to pursue a passion project raising awareness on Lack of Handicap Access around the World and Opening Avenues for Mobility Travel.

She traveled to over 40 countries with her Mom (who has been on a wheelchair for X years) and found a huge gap in the travel industry for the disabled people to travel and see places. Doing tons of research for disabled and inclusive travel, it became her advocacy to create a safe space for people with disability where they can book a trip tailor fit for each client’s need, hire a local caregiver and rent a wheel chair for a comfortable and pleasurable trip for people with disabilities.

Traveling to 175 Countries and

7 Continents

Now on her quest to be the first Asian woman to travel to all 175 Countries and 7 Continents.

She now has been to over 100 Countries and is set to complete by the end of year 2020. 



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Vegetarian and

Animal Advocate

In 2014, After traveling to different countries and seeing the reality of the meat industry first hand, she decided to become Vegetarian. With her Mom who fought cancer in year XXX, becoming full-on Vegetarian has helped not only her well-being but also her Mom’s successful battle with cancer.

Now, Shaline and her Mom is now creating a book for quick and easy, delicious vegetarian meals to be published in 2020.

Wellness and Healing

Lived in Bali for over 5 years, Shaline was opened into a whole new perspective in wellness and healing. Shaline has discovered  and met with local healers of Bali.

Being inside the circle under Tony Robbins’ wings, attending multiple events such as “Unleash The Power Within”, and “Date With Destiny”, it became her pillar to share it with other people by organizing wellness retreats all over the world.


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